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          Belmont Gardens                                                             
               In approximately 1994 or 1995, petitioner and Ike Guillory             
          (Guillory), a business associate, formed Belmont Gardens, L.P.,             
          as a limited partnership (BG Partnership).  The BG Partnership              
          agreement designated Guillory as the general partner and                    
          petitioner as the limited partner.  Petitioner and Guillory                 
          formed the partnership in order to develop a 20-unit senior-                
          living residential complex in Belmont, California (Belmont                  
          Gardens).  I.P.G. Builders, Inc. (I.P.G. Builders), which                   
          Guillory owned, was to serve as the general contractor for                  
          construction of Belmont Gardens.                                            
               Construction of Belmont Gardens began prior to 1997.  At               
          some point during construction, petitioner became dissatisfied              
          with the work performed on Belmont Gardens by I.P.G. Builders.              
          Construction was behind schedule, and the construction quality              
          was substandard.  Extensive water damage to many of the units               
          occurred because of leaks in the roof.                                      
               Petitioner eventually took legal action against I.P.G.                 
          Builders and Guillory to remedy the construction defects and to             
          assume control over construction of Belmont Gardens.  On April              
          25, 1997, petitioner filed a complaint in State court against               
          I.P.G. Builders and Guillory for breach of contract.                        

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