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               possession by Joint Managing Conservator, NORMA KAY                    
               CASEY LITTON, begins on a Friday that is a school                      
               holiday during the regular school term or a federal,                   
               state, or local holiday during the summer months when                  
               school is not in session, or if the period ends on or                  
               is immediately followed by a Monday that is such a                     
               holiday, that weekend period of possession shall begin                 
               at 6:00 P.M. on the Thursday immediately preceding the                 
               Friday school holiday or end at 6:00 P.M. on that                      
               Monday holiday or school holiday, as applicable.                       
               Tuesday and Thursday.  On Tuesday and Thursday of each                 
               week during the regular school term, beginning at 6:00                 
               P.M., and ending at 8:00 A.M. the following morning.                   
               Generally speaking, petitioner and Mr. Litton faithfully               
          observed the terms of the Standard Possession Order during 2003.            
          Petitioner and Mr. Litton, however, each strove to accommodate              
          the other’s reasonable requests, and they often deviated from the           
          terms of that order upon their mutual agreement.  More                      
          specifically, the parties frequently agreed to allow the children           
          to spend Sunday night at petitioner’s home for such weekends that           
          petitioner had custody of the children.3                                    

               3  Mr. Litton testified:                                               
               Usually, if they spent the night it was for a birthday,                
               * * * or there may have been some other such goings on.                
               Maybe they had traveled to see their grandmother.                      
               There was some sort of activity that they were doing on                
               a Sunday, which would not have them back in a                          
               reasonable amount of time.  And I am not the kind of                   
               person who would say, you know, you have to be here at                 
               6:00 for me to pick you up.  And so what would happen                  
               would be is, they would come back later after 6:00 in                  
               the evening, and they could spend the night.  It is not                
               an issue for me to have them spend the night there.                    

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Last modified: May 25, 2011