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          was not suspicious as to the manner her transactions were handled           
          and stated the products were “cheaper than Frank’s and better               
          quality”.  She acknowledged, however, that, although she believed           
          she was dealing with Frank’s at the time, “to my knowledge now,             
          looking back, hindsight, I guess I wasn’t”.                                 
               Several Frank’s employees testified at trial that it would             
          not have been possible for Ms. Rhodes to purchases items                    
          wholesale from Chloe in the parking lot of Frank’s without                  
          drawing the attention of the other employees.  Frank’s employees            
          often worked outside in the warmer months selling lawn items, and           
          none of them ever saw a woman matching Chloe’s description, or              
          anyone else, selling items from a large white truck.  Also, there           
          are several large windows in the front of every Frank’s where               
          employees may look out onto the parking lot, and no one ever                
          witnessed the transactions Ms. Rhodes claimed.  Finally, Frank’s            
          employees testified that Ms. Rhodes could not have been able to             
          drive “around back” of Frank’s and purchase items off the loading           
          dock, because that area was restricted from customers and                   
          monitored by employees.  If a customer attempted to drive behind            
          Frank’s, an employee would immediately notice and investigate.              
               With respect to purchases Ms. Rhodes claimed she made at the           
          Silk Shop, she testified that the Silk Shop was no longer in                
          business when she was audited but had been located in Coldwater,            
          Michigan.  Ms. Rhodes, however, could offer no specific address             

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Last modified: May 25, 2011