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               you please advise what my next steps are and if there                  
               is public council [sic] available for my assistance?                   
               When am I supposed to go to court over this?  Would I                  
               receive the assistance of a public defender?                           
               Thank you for reading my letter and trying to help me.                 
               This document failed to comply with the Rules of the Court             
          as to the form and content of a proper petition.  Petitioner also           
          failed to submit the required filing fee.  Nevertheless, on June            
          7, 2005, the Court filed petitioner’s document as an imperfect              
          petition regarding respondent’s notice of determination.  By                
          order dated June 9, 2005, the Court directed petitioner to file a           
          proper amended petition and to pay the filing fee on or before              
          July 25, 2005.  The order stated that if an amended petition and            
          the filing fee were not received on or before July 25, 2005, the            
          case would be dismissed.  By order dated October 13, 2005, the              
          Court extended the time for petitioner to file a proper amended             
          petition and to pay the filing fee until November 3, 2005.                  
          Petitioner paid the filing fee but failed to timely respond to              
          the Court’s orders to file an amended petition.  On January 19,             
          2006, the Court entered an Order of Dismissal for Lack of                   
          Jurisdiction (order of dismissal).                                          
               On April 12, 2006, 83 days after the order of dismissal was            
          entered, petitioner mailed to the Court a document entitled                 
          “Request Permission to File Motion to Vacate Order of Dismissal             

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