Estate of Carol Andrews, Deceased, Robert Andrews, Special Administrator, and Robert Andrews - Page 8

                                        - 8 -                                         
                Expense item               Monthly expense                            
                Food, clothing, misc.      $1,005                                     
                Housing and utilities      1,756                                      
                Transportation             307                                        
                Health care                533                                        
                Taxes (income and FICA)    707                                        
                Life insurance             121                                        
                Other secured debt         460                                        
                Other expenses             458                                        
                Total                      5,347                                      
          Petitioners did not explain the “other secured debt” or “other              
               In the letter explaining the offer amount, petitioners                 
          stated that they were offering to pay $25,000 “in satisfaction              
          for all years related to the Hoyt investment (1981 through 1996).           
          Our retirement analysis shows that the Andrews will run out of              
          funds in 2011, even without making the $25,000.00 payment.  Thus,           
          due to their age and medical concerns, $25,000.00 is a reasonable           
          offer.”  The letter also included “medical and retirement                   
          considerations” and a “retirement analysis”.  Petitioners’                  
          medical and retirement considerations included:  (1) Mrs. Andrews           
          had suffered two heart attacks, underwent several angioplasties,            

               7  It appears, however, that the other secured debt                    
          represented petitioners’ monthly payment on their home equity               
          line of credit, and the other expenses represented attorney’s               
          fees petitioner paid to Ms. Merriam’s law firm in connection with           
          the present litigation.                                                     

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Last modified: May 25, 2011