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          pay the income tax owed, and as evidence of her financial                   
          situation she attached a Form 433-F, Collection Information                 
          Statement, dated September 22, 2005.  The Form 433-F detailed               
          petitioner’s income, expenses, and assets at that time.                     
          Petitioner also stated that she anticipated having to find a new            
          job in January of 2006.                                                     
               By letter dated February 28, 2006, an Appeals Office                   
          settlement officer notified petitioner that she had scheduled a             
          telephone hearing for April 6, 2006.  The letter requested                  
          petitioner to submit within 14 days a completed Form 433-A,                 
          Collection Information Statement For Wage Earners and Self-                 
          Employed Individuals, a completed offer in compromise package,              
          and signed Federal income tax returns for taxable years 1999                
          through 2003 so that the Appeals Office could consider collection           
          alternatives in a collection hearing.  Petitioner did not send              
          any of the requested information.                                           
               According to the administrative record, during the telephone           
          hearing petitioner told the settlement officer that she had lost            
          her full-time job and had acquired a part-time job.  Petitioner             
          stated that she was unable to make a payment at that time and               
          thought that she would be granted currently not collectible (CNC)           
          status because she had sent a Form 433-F to another Internal                
          Revenue Service officer.  The settlement officer told petitioner            
          that her account had been on CNC status but was removed from said           

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