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          Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage between petitioner and Mr.              
               Toward the end of 2001, Mr. Burns sent petitioner a letter             
          stating that he was going to claim the $1,400 monthly payments as           
          deductible alimony on his Federal income tax return and that                
          petitioner would have to pay taxes on it, because the payments              
          had been designated "alimony" in the MSA.  Petitioner took Mr.              
          Burns's letter to the attorney who drafted the MSA for                      
          explanation and assistance.  The attorney refused to take any               
          corrective action on petitioner's behalf and instead advised                
          petitioner to "just sell the house and quit taking Bill's money".           
               During 2002, petitioner received $16,800 from Mr. Burns                
          pursuant to the terms of the MSA; i.e., $1,400 per month, as the            
          marital home remained unsold throughout 2002.  The money was                
          utilized by petitioner to pay Mr. Burns's portion of the debt               
          service on the mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and                 
          repairs with respect to the marital home, and for veterinary care           
          for the pets.  Respondent determined that the $16,800 petitioner            
          received from Mr. Burns was includible in her income under                  
          section 71(a).                                                              
               Petitioner made a formal complaint with the Florida Bar                
          against the attorney who drafted the MSA.  In March 2006, the               
          Grievance Committee of the Florida Bar recommended, on the basis            
          of its review of the attorney's conduct in preparing the MSA and            

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