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               On October 13, 2006, respondent’s Appeals Office issued to             
          petitioner a Notice of Determination Concerning Collection                  
          Action(s) Under Section 6320 and/or 6330 (notice of                         
          determination) sustaining the proposed levy and lien filing.                
          Petitioner timely filed a petition with this Court to dispute the           
          notice of determination relying on the following alleged facts:             
                    a) The Federal Income Tax system for individual                   
               tax purposes is based upon a self-assessed system and                  
               is 100%voluntary [sic].                                                
                    b) After self-assessment, the Petitioner had found                
               that she had no federal tax liability for the calendar                 
               year 1994.                                                             
                    c) The Petitioner did file a Statement in lieu of                 
               a Federal Income Tax Form 1040.                                        
                    d) The Petitioner is not required by Law to file a                
               Tax Form 1040.                                                         
                    e) The Petitioner is an Inhabitant of Pennsylvania                
               state/commonwealth, a Republic, one of the Fifty States                
               of the Union, also known as, the united states of                      
                    f) The Petitioner is not self-employed or                         
               gainfully employed for that matter.                                    
                    g) The Petitioner is not an agent, servant,                       
               officer, director, or employee of the government, nor                  
               is she subject to the Public Salary Tax Act of 1939.                   
                    h) The Petitioner is not required by Law to file                  
               any tax forms, as she has no income form [sic] ‘any                    
               source derived therefrom’ by legal definition indicated                
               in the Code.                                                           
                    i) The Petitioner is not in the military.                         
                    j) The Petitioner is not subject to the                           
          U.S.C.A. 3002(2) and (15)(A) and the Clearfield Doctrine.                 

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Last modified: November 10, 2007