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          health insurance.  Petitioner agreed.  On February 11, 2003,                
          petitioner signed a Contract Application with NACOLAH on which he           
          listed his business name as “Secure Investments & Planning”.  The           
          parties agreed that petitioner was an independent contractor for            
          Investments.  Petitioner also worked as an assistant agent to a             
          registered agent for another insurance company during 2003.                 
               Petitioner and Donlon orally agreed that Investments would             
          pay to petitioner a fee if an insurance product was sold using              
          petitioner’s license.  Petitioner and Donlon, however, did not              
          agree specifically how a fee would be paid or calculated if a               
          commission were earned from NACOLAH.                                        
               On behalf of Investments, petitioner signed about four or              
          five applications for policies that were submitted to NACOLAH.              
          NACOLAH issued to petitioner Agent Commission Statements showing            
          that two policies, one on March 10 and one on March 11, 2003,               
          were sold using petitioner’s license, generating total                      
          commissions of $35,061.76.  On March 12, 2003, an Agent Contract            
          Transmittal Form was submitted to NACOLAH to request a contract             
          change.  The form indicated that effective March 12, 2003, there            
          was an “assignment of comm[issions]” from petitioner to                     

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