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          of the tax.”  Section 6166(k) provides the following cross-                 
                    SEC. 6166(k).  Cross References–-                                 
                         (1)  Security.--For authority of the                         
                    Secretary to require security in the case of                      
                    an extension under this section, see section                      
                         (2)  Lien.--For special lien (in lieu of                     
                    bond) in the case of an extension under this                      
                    section, see section 6324A.                                       
               Section 6165 provides:                                                 
               SEC. 6165.  BONDS WHERE TIME TO PAY TAX OR DEFICIENCY                  
                         HAS BEEN EXTENDED.                                           
                         In the event the Secretary grants any                        
                    extension of time within which to pay any tax                     
                    or any deficiency therein, the Secretary may                      
                    require the taxpayer to furnish a bond in                         
                    such amount (not exceeding double the amount                      
                    with respect to which the extension is                            
                    granted) conditioned upon the payment of the                      
                    amount extended in accordance with the terms                      
                    of such extension.                                                
               Section 6324A provides in relevant part:                               
               SEC. 6324A. SPECIAL LIEN FOR ESTATE TAX DEFERRED UNDER                 
                         SECTION 6166.                                                
                         (a) General Rule.--In the case of any                        
                    estate with respect to which an election has                      
                    been made under section 6166, if the executor                     
                    makes an election under this section (at such                     
                    time and in such manner as the Secretary                          
                    shall by regulations prescribe) and files the                     
                    agreement referred to in subsection (c), the                      
                    deferred amount (plus any interest,                               
                    additional amount, addition to tax,                               
                    assessable penalty, and costs attributable to                     
                    the deferred amount) shall be a lien in favor                     
                    of the United States on the section 6166 lien                     

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