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          person’s body where there is disease, is used to treat patients             
          with cancer or other diseases (cancer patients).  Radiation                 
          oncology treatment facilities, like petitioner’s, provide                   
          radiation therapy, the use of radiation to treat disease, to                
          cancer patients.  Radiation therapy is generally applied in                 
          either an external or an internal form.                                     
               In external radiation therapy, a machine directs high energy           
          radiation rays or particles at the diseased tissue and normal               
          tissue near it.  One type of external radiation therapy machine             
          is called a linear accelerator (LINAC).  LINAC machines                     
          accelerate electrons to produce the high energy radiation used              
          for treatment.  Another type of external radiation therapy                  
          machine contains a radioactive substance, such as cobalt-60.  Use           
          of this latter type of machine is referred to as cobalt therapy.            
               In internal radiation therapy, a radioactive substance is              
          sealed in a small container called an implant.  The implant is              
          inserted into a tumor or, if the tumor has been surgically                  
          removed, is placed in the area near where the tumor was located.            
          Unsealed radioactive substances are also used.  The material is             
          either taken by mouth or injected into the patient’s body.                  
               Only a doctor who has had special training in using                    
          radiation to treat disease, referred to as a radiation                      
          oncologist, is able to prescribe the type and amount of radiation           
          treatment for cancer patients.  A radiation oncologist typically            

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