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          return, the rental units are identified by addresses, as follows:           
          (1) East 149th St.; (2) Euclid Hgts. Blvd.; (3) Wickford Rd.;               
          (4) Continental; (5) E. 97th; (6) Parkhill; (7) E. 131st St.;               
          (8) Parkgate; (9) Graham; and (10) Endura.2                                 
               For the most part, and generally speaking, petitioner was              
          responsible for renting and managing the rental units.  She                 
          advertised when a unit was available.  She conducted and attended           
          open houses showing the units.  She arranged for utilities to be            
          turned on when necessary.  She requested and reviewed credit                
          reports with respect to prospective tenants.  She painted and               
          cleaned the units when necessary, and she arranged for repairs to           
          be made in those situations when she was not competent to make              
          the repairs herself.                                                        
               In addition to activities related to a specific rental unit,           
          petitioner attended real estate auctions and reviewed listings of           
          real estate for sale by Government authorities and private                  
          sellers.  From time to time, she also met with officials from the           
          Federal or State Government agencies that administered the rent             
          subsidy programs.                                                           
               Separate and apart from the calendar that petitioner kept in           
          connection with her employment at Symantec, petitioner maintained           

               2  At trial petitioner explained that the Graham and Endura            
          rental units were actually owned by her brother.                            

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