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          University and The Casey Family Outreach Program (Casey) in                 
               Petitioner’s work with Casey focused on working with at-risk           
          youths in the foster care system by developing Casey’s tutoring             
          program.  Petitioner also worked to find employment for the                 
          youths involved in the Casey program.  She attended regular staff           
          meetings, visited group homes, and was available on call.                   
          Petitioner’s job description indicates that her position was a              
          “full-time, exempt position that at times [required] workweeks in           
          excess of 40 hours”.  According to Casey’s payroll records,                 
          petitioner worked a total of 2,080 hours in 2001.                           
               In addition to working for Casey, petitioner worked for                
          Golden Gate University’s graduate school of business as an                  
          adjunct professor.  She developed and taught an online course for           
          the spring and summer semesters where the students were                     
          responsible for at least one semester project, a midterm                    
          examination, and a final examination.                                       
               Petitioners own a residential property on Lyon Street in               
          Oakland, California (the Lyon Street property or the property),             
          which they bought in the late 1980s and rent out, often to low-             
          income tenants.  The property is a fourplex containing two one-             
          bedroom apartments, one two-bedroom apartment, and one three-               

               4  “Casey Family Programs’ mission is to provide and                   
          improve—and ultimately to prevent the need for—foster care.”                

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