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                                        - 6 -                                         
               levy notice of 16 January 04, which is unfair practice                 
               [sic] requiring legal remedy.                                          
               Mr. Hunter’s case was assigned to respondent’s settlement              
          officer.  The settlement officer sent Mr. Hunter a letter in                
          April 2005 requesting a Form 433-A, Collection Information                  
          Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals, which             
          instructs the taxpayer to provide certain financial information.            
               Mr. Hunter sent a letter to the settlement officer in May              
          2005, which states:                                                         
               We offer three issues relevant to our CDP [hearing]                    
               * * *:                                                                 
               (1) Collection Alternatives--Our Assets and Income                     
               substantially outweigh our Expenses and Liabilities for                
               tax year 2002.                                                         
               (2) Appropriateness of Collection Action--We strongly                  
               and urgently object to the Lein [sic] Determination.                   
               Because our 2002 tax form and supporting materials were                
               sent via certified mail, which was postmarked 09 April                 
               2003.  That being 6 days prior to the 15 April 2003                    
               deadline. * * * Furthermore, our tax filing date was                   
               erroneously reported as 07-07-03.  This constitutes an                 
               82 to 88 day time gap, which allowed us to be hit with                 
               a $55,686.75 tax assessment plus interest and                          
               penalties.  Thus amounting to an overall tax liability                 
               of $56,107.87 or more.  Again, We respectfully disagree                
               with the ambiguous nature of said procedure.                           
               (3) Spousal Defenses–Mrs. Alma Esteban Hunter, my                      
               Wife, is a Permanent Resident of The United States.                    
               She has a valid Green Card, A valid Social Security                    
               Number, and legitimate employment.  This has been duly                 
               reported to the appropriate agencies.  [Emphasis                       

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