Chad W. and Aliza Kold-Warren - Page 7

          adjusted gross income redetermined in these proceedings,                    
          petitioners are still not entitled to the child tax credit by               
          reason of the limitation set forth in section 24(b)(1).                     
               Item No. 6:  Petitioners’ computation claims a credit for              
          Federal income tax withheld of $5,714, whereas respondent’s                 
          revised computation allows a credit of $5,602, or $112 less.  We            
          note that petitioners’ return claimed a refund of $112.                     
          Respondent’s revised computation correctly reduced the amount of            
          the credit for Federal income tax withheld by the amount claimed            
          by petitioners as a refund on their return.                                 
               For the reasons set forth above, we agree with the                     
          computation of the deficiency set forth in respondent’s revised             
          computation.  Accordingly,                                                  

                                             Decision will be entered in              
                                        accordance with respondent’s reply            
                                        to petitioners’ alternative                   
                                        computation for entry of decision.            

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Last modified: March 27, 2008