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          because he was offered the opportunity to research, teach, and              
          receive additional training in a subspecialty that he considered            
          important and useful.                                                       
               At trial, respondent called Dr. Ketan Shevde, who was                  
          chairman of anesthesia at Maimonides Medical Center in 2002 and             
          2003, to testify as to the primary purpose of petitioner’s                  
          residency.  Dr. Shevde testified as follows:                                
               [Respondent’s Counsel]:  What was the petitioner hired                 
               to do while at Maimonides?                                             
               [Dr. Shevde]:  He was hired to do training in                          
               anesthesiology for three years.                                        
               Q:  Did you hire the petitioner, or did Maimonides hire                
               the petitioner as a teacher?                                           
               A:  No                                                                 
               Q:  Did they hire the petitioner as a researcher?                      
               A:  No.                                                                
          Dr. Shevde went on to say that, although teaching and research              
          are part of a resident’s function, the “emphasis really is on               
          teaching residents how to give anesthesia and to become                     
          anesthesiologists at the end of the training.”  Finally, Dr.                
          Shevde summarized his testimony by stating as follows:                      
                    The primary purpose [of a residency in                            
               anesthesiology] is to train residents to give                          
               anesthesia, and to become consultants in                               
               anesthesiology, and to pass the boards that are given                  
               by the American Board of Anesthesiology at the end of                  
               their training.                                                        

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