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          Specifically, the first week of September (beginning with                   
          Saturday, September 1st), has entries starting on Tuesday of that           
          week (which would have actually been Tuesday, August 28th).  The            
          entry for “Wednesday” of this ‘added’ week reads: “In Focus Bk -            
          3 hrs.”  To reconcile the possibility that this “added” day was             
          not the same as the corresponding last Wednesday in August, we              
          turned to the entry for Wednesday, August 28th which reads:                 
          “Exposure Bk - 4 hrs.”   We further note additional “added” days            
          and entries to the first week of the November calendar page that            
          do not correspond to the actual days and entries recorded on the            
          October calendar.4   Because there is more than one instance of             
          these “added” days, we do not believe that the calendar is an               
          accurate and truthful account of the time spent by petitioners in           
          cultivation of a business.                                                  
               Mr. Storer stressed that he did not take any vacation, and             
          that “for religious reasons” observed neither any religious nor             
          Federal holidays, which allowed him those days to work on his               
          photography.  Mr. Storer testified that he “used [all holidays]             
          to market his business, process orders, and make sales.”  The               
          2001 calendar, however, shows no activity recorded on April 15              

               4 On the November calendar page petitioners “inserted” 2               
          days at the beginning of the month, a Tuesday and a Wednesday,              
          that did not actually exist.  Again, the entries recorded on                
          these “added” days also do not correspond with the entries listed           
          for the last 2 days of October.                                             

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