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          an FYE June 30, was in the business of producing, distributing,             
          and selling skin care products, tanning lotions, diet aids,                 
          sports performance products, nutritional supplements, health food           
          products, and apparel at both the retail and wholesale levels.              
          Petitioner also provided indoor tanning salon services and its              
          own printing, advertising, and marketing services.  Petitioner              
          used the business names of Vitamin Village for the production and           
          sales of nutritional supplements, health food, skin care                    
          products, and tanning lotions; Club Tan for its tanning salon               
          services; and Universal Graphics for its advertising, marketing,            
          and printing activities.                                                    
               Mr. Reeves was petitioner’s president from 1979 and its                
          secretary, treasurer, and sole shareholder from 1986 through the            
          fiscal years at issue, and he controlled all aspects of                     
          petitioner’s corporate operations.  From 1979 through the fiscal            
          years at issue, Mr. Reeves also performed all of petitioner’s               
          managerial duties.  He worked more than 80 hours per week                   
          managing petitioner’s research, development, production, sales,             
          marketing, and advertising and supervised petitioner’s employees,           
          including making all hiring and firing decisions.                           

          individuals, Jeff O’Brien and R. Gail Reeves.  Mr. O’Brien left             
          petitioner shortly after its incorporation.  R. Gail Reeves                 
          terminated her positions as petitioner’s secretary and treasurer,           
          and all stock she owned in petitioner was redeemed in FYE June              
          30, 1986.                                                                   

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