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          investors, in which petitioners and Ms. Mohr participated.13  The           
          lawsuits were settled, and petitioners and Ms. Mohr recovered               
          some of their invested funds.14                                             
                    2. National Association of Securities Dealers Claim               
               The second type of Cash-4-Titles investment, which Ms. Mohr            
          made through Mr. Wright, was represented by Mr. Wright to be in             
          annuities and mutual funds.  Mr. Wright received income from                
          selling the mutual funds, which income he assigned to Wright &              
          Associates.  Ms. Mohr, per Mr. Wright’s recommendation, purchased           
          through her Prim Securities, Inc. (Prim Securities) account                 
          promissory notes of Rolls Royce Ltd. (Rolls Royce), which was               
          another CLG used to raise funds for Cash-4-Titles.  On January              
          11, 2000, shortly after the SEC began its investigation into                
          Cash-4-Titles, Ms. Mohr, through her attorney, requested by                 
          letter that Mr. Wright return her invested funds.  On May 11,               
          2000, Ms. Mohr instituted an NASD claim against Mr. Wright and              
          Prim Securities.15  Ms. Mohr’s claim was settled via NASD dispute           

               13See Stenger v. Leadenhall Bank & Trust Co., 2004 WL 609795           
          (N.D. Ill. 2004); Wolff v. Cash 4 Titles, 2001 WL 34133833 (S.D.            
          Fla. 2001), affd. 135 Fed. Appx. 329 (11th Cir. 2005); see also             
          Wolff v. Cash 4 Titles, 351 F.3d 1348 (11th Cir. 2003).                     
               14The record does not indicate the amount of petitioners’ or           
          Ms. Mohr’s recovery.                                                        
               15Ms. Mohr’s NASD claim against Mr. Wright and Prim                    
          Securities involved her investment in Rolls Royce Ltd. promissory           
          notes.  It was separate from, and did not include, her investment           
          in the Blues Brothers Limited CLG that resulted in her                      

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