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          Dunne had concerning FRC’s affairs and did not wish to be a party           
          to the dispute, it informed Mr. Dunne through counsel that it               
          would provide Mr. Dunne with further financial information only             
          upon the request of FRC through its president.                              
               Mr. Dunne responded in a letter dated October 8, 1997, in              
          which he asked the bank’s attorney for documentation showing that           
          he was not a director, officer, and coowner of FRC and therefore            
          not entitled to receive copies of FRC’s financial information               
          from the bank.  Mr. Dunne also sent a letter to the bank                    
          reasserting his position as a director, officer, and coowner of             
          FRC and asking for the documentation that the bank relied upon to           
          determine that he no longer held those positions.  The attorney             
          for the bank responded by a fax dated October 15, 1997, that it             
          received no document indicating that Mr. Dunne was no longer a              
          director, officer, or coowner of FRC but that out of caution it             
          would like FRC’s president to be aware of Mr. Dunne’s requests              
          for FRC’s financial information.  Mr. Dunne sent several more               
          letters to both the bank’s attorney and the bank asserting his              
          position as a director, officer, and coowner of FRC.                        
               On April 15, 1998, Mr. Dunne wrote to an FRC employee                  
          requesting copies of FRC’s Form 1120S, U.S. Income Tax Return for           
          an S Corporation, and Mr. Dunne’s Schedule K-1, Shareholder’s               
          Share of Income, Credits, Deductions, etc., for 1997.  Mr. Dunne            
          stated that he understood that FRC’s taxable income for 1997                

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