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          request for permission to file a motion to vacate the order of              
          dismissal.  The motion to vacate the order of dismissal was filed           
          and granted on May 16, 2006, and the designation of place of                
          trial and the amended petition were filed on that date.  The                
          amended petition alleges, among other things, that respondent               
          improperly denied petitioner a valid section 6330 hearing.                  
          On August 31, 2006, we issued petitioner a notice setting                   
          his case for trial during the Court’s February 5, 2007, Los                 
          Angeles, California, trial session.  The notice warned petitioner           
          AND ENTRY OF DECISION AGAINST YOU.”  Accompanying the notice was            
          the Court’s standing pretrial order, which directed the parties             
          to take specific action to prepare for trial.  The standing                 
          pretrial order also stated that “The Court may impose appropriate           
          sanctions, including dismissal, for any unexcused failure to                
          comply with this Order.”                                                    
               Respondent asserts in his motion that on or about September            
          20, 2006, he contacted petitioner by telephone.  During this                
          conversation, respondent explained to petitioner the Court’s                
          required stipulation process.3  Respondent also warned petitioner           
          that he should not raise any of the frivolous or groundless                 
          arguments that he had previously advanced.  Petitioner requested            

               3The standing pretrial order requires that “all facts shall            
          be stipulated to the maximum extent possible.”                              

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