Texas Education Code § 96.706 Hazardous Waste Research Center

Sec. 96.706. HAZARDOUS WASTE RESEARCH CENTER. (a) The Hazardous Waste Research Center is established at Lamar University at Beaumont. The center is under the authority of the board of regents of the Texas State University System. The center may employ such personnel as are necessary.

(b) The center shall carry out a program of research, evaluation, testing, development, and demonstration of alternative or innovative technologies that may be used in minimization, destruction, or handling of hazardous wastes to achieve better protection of human health and the environment.

(c) The center shall provide coordination of the activities of a consortium of Texas universities initially consisting of the Texas Engineering Experiment Station of The Texas A&M University System, the University of Houston, The University of Texas at Austin, and Lamar University at Beaumont, and other entities that may become affiliated.

(d) The center shall develop and maintain a database relevant to the programs of the center.

(e) The programs of the center may include:

(1) primary and secondary research;

(2) collection, analysis, and dissemination of information;

(3) the development of public policy recommendations;

(4) training related to the handling and management of hazardous waste;

(5) evaluation of technologies for the treatment and disposal of hazardous wastes;

(6) demonstration projects and pilot studies of processing, storage, and destruction technologies; and

(7) other services consistent with the purposes of the program.

(f) In carrying out its established programs, the center may enter into agreements with:

(1) the members of the Texas Consortium;

(2) other universities in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, and other states;

(3) private research organizations; and

(4) industry.

(g) A policy board is created to determine the policies for program research, evaluation, testing, development, demonstration, intellectual property rights, and peer review. The policy board consists of each member of the consortium. The governing board of each institution of higher education belonging to the consortium shall appoint an individual to serve as a member of the policy board.

(h) The institutions of higher education that are members of the policy board shall appoint an advisory council to develop recommendations on the priorities for research and to serve as a resource group on the projects. Each institution shall appoint two members from private industry and two other members to serve for terms to be set by the policy board.

(i) The center shall seek grant and contract support from federal and other sources to the extent possible and accept gifts and donations to support its purposes and programs.

(j) The center may receive state-appropriated funds as considered appropriate by the legislature.

(k) Disbursement of funds received by the center on behalf of the consortium shall be on an equitable basis and in accordance with policy determined by the policy board subject to laws of the state and policies of member institutions. Disbursement policy shall recognize the need for core program support at each consortium institution, matching requirements for federal grants and contracts, general administration, and new initiatives. Disbursement of funds received in response to specific proposals shall be in accordance with those proposals.

Added by Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 1061, Sec. 7, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.

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