Texas Government Code § 2269.253 Selection Process

Sec. 2269.253. SELECTION PROCESS. (a) The governmental entity shall select the construction manager-at-risk in a one-step or two-step process.

(b) The governmental entity shall prepare a single request for proposals, in the case of a one-step process, and an initial request for qualifications, in the case of a two-step process, that includes:

(1) a statement as to whether the selection process is a one-step or two-step process;

(2) general information on the project site, project scope, schedule, selection criteria and the weighted value for each criterion, and estimated budget and the time and place for receipt of the proposals or qualifications; and

(3) other information that may assist the governmental entity in its selection of a construction manager-at-risk.

(c) The governmental entity shall state the selection criteria in the request for proposals or qualifications.

(d) If a one-step process is used, the governmental entity may request, as part of the offeror's proposal, proposed fees and prices for fulfilling the general conditions.

(e) If a two-step process is used, the governmental entity may not request fees or prices in step one. In step two, the governmental entity may request that five or fewer offerors, selected solely on the basis of qualifications, provide additional information, including the construction manager-at-risk's proposed fee and prices for fulfilling the general conditions.

(f) At each step, the governmental entity shall receive, publicly open, and read aloud the names of the offerors. At the appropriate step, the governmental entity shall also read aloud the fees and prices, if any, stated in each proposal as the proposal is opened.

(g) Not later than the 45th day after the date on which the final proposals are opened, the governmental entity shall evaluate and rank each proposal submitted in relation to the criteria set forth in the request for proposals.

Added by Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., R.S., Ch. 1129 (H.B. 628), Sec. 2.08, eff. September 1, 2011.

Redesignated from Government Code, Chapter 2267 by Acts 2013, 83rd Leg., R.S., Ch. 161 (S.B. 1093), Sec. 22.001(23), eff. September 1, 2013.

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