Texas Special District Local Laws Code § 3887.102 Improvement Projects

Sec. 3887.102. IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS. (a) The district may provide, or it may enter into contracts with a governmental or private entity to provide, the following types of improvement projects or activities in support of or incidental to those projects:

(1) a supply and distribution facility or system to provide potable and nonpotable water to the residents and businesses of the district, including a wastewater collection facility;

(2) a paved, macadamized, or graveled road or street inside and outside the district, to the full extent authorized by Section 52, Article III, Texas Constitution;

(3) the planning, design, construction, improvement, and maintenance of:

(A) landscaping;

(B) highway right-of-way or transit corridor beautification and improvement;

(C) lighting, banners, and signs;

(D) a street or sidewalk;

(E) a hiking and cycling path or trail;

(F) a pedestrian walkway, skywalk, crosswalk, or tunnel;

(G) a park, lake, garden, recreational facility, community activities center, dock, wharf, sports facility, open space, scenic area, or related exhibit or preserve;

(H) a fountain, plaza, or pedestrian mall; or

(I) a drainage or storm-water detention improvement;

(4) protection and improvement of the quality of storm water that flows through the district;

(5) the planning, design, construction, improvement, maintenance, and operation of:

(A) a water or sewer facility; or

(B) an off-street parking facility or heliport;

(6) the planning and acquisition of:

(A) public art and sculpture and related exhibits and facilities; or

(B) an educational facility and a cultural exhibit or facility;

(7) the planning, design, construction, acquisition, lease, rental, improvement, maintenance, installation, and management of and provision of furnishings for a facility for:

(A) a conference, convention, or exhibition;

(B) a manufacturer, consumer, or trade show;

(C) a civic, community, or institutional event; or

(D) an exhibit, display, attraction, special event, or seasonal or cultural celebration or holiday;

(8) the removal, razing, demolition, or clearing of land or improvements in connection with an improvement project;

(9) the acquisition and improvement of land or other property for the mitigation of the environmental effects of an improvement project;

(10) the acquisition of property or an interest in property in connection with an authorized improvement project, including any project or projects that are authorized by Subchapter A, Chapter 372, or Chapter 375, Local Government Code;

(11) a special or supplemental service for the improvement and promotion of the district or an area adjacent to the district or for the protection of public health and safety or the environment in or adjacent to the district, including:

(A) advertising;

(B) promotion;

(C) tourism;

(D) health and sanitation;

(E) public safety;

(F) security;

(G) fire protection or emergency medical services;

(H) business recruitment;

(I) development;

(J) the reduction of automobile traffic volume and congestion, including the provision, construction, and operation of light rail or streetcar systems and services; and

(K) recreational, educational, or cultural improvements, enhancements, and services; or

(12) any similar public improvement, facility, or service.

(b) The district may not undertake a project under this section unless the board determines the project to be necessary to accomplish a public purpose of the district.

(c) The district may not provide, conduct, or authorize any improvement project on municipal or county streets, highways, rights-of-way, roads, or easements without the consent of the governing body of the municipality or county, as applicable.

(d) For the purposes of this section, planning, design, construction, improvement, and maintenance of a lake includes work done for drainage, reclamation, or recreation.

Added by Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 1078 (H.B. 4755), Sec. 1, eff. June 19, 2009.

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