Texas Vernon's Civil Statutes § 6819d Fees Deposited In General Revenue Fund

Art. 6819d. FEES DEPOSITED IN GENERAL REVENUE FUND. All fees paid to any court for which appropriations are made herein or to any of the clerks, officers or employes of any such court, whether such fees are for official or unofficial copies of opinions, or for other services or documents, shall be deposited at the close of each month in the General Revenue Fund of the State Treasury and shall be carried as a special account in said Fund for the court depositing same, and none of such fees shall be retained by or paid to said clerks, officers or employes. Each court employe whose salary is provided for herein, except porters, shall file with the Comptroller at the end of each month an affidavit showing that he has not retained any compensation out of any court fees or other fees received by him or the court during that month and showing that all such fees have been deposited in the State Treasury. The Comptroller shall not issue a warrant in payment of the salary of any such employe for any month unless and until the affidavit required herein has been filed for that month.

Acts 1935, 44th Leg., p. 908, ch. 355, Sec. 6.

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