10 USC 4594 - Furnishing of Heraldic Services

(a) Under regulations to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Army, an authority designated by him may, upon the request of, and subject to approval by, the Secretary of another military department, design flags, insignia, badges, medals, seals, decorations, guidons, streamers, finial pieces for flagstaffs, buttons, buckles, awards, trophies, marks, emblems, rosettes, scrolls, braids, ribbons, knots, tabs, cords, and similar items for the requesting department.

(b) Upon request the Secretary of the Army may advise other departments and agencies of the United States on matters of heraldry.

(c) The Secretary of the Army may prescribe regulations providing for reimbursement for services furnished under this section.

(Added Pub. L. 85–263, §1(1), Sept. 2, 1957, 71 Stat. 589.)

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Last modified: October 26, 2015