10 USC 4652 - Rifles and Ammunition for Target Practice: Educational Institutions Having Corps of Cadets

(a) The Secretary of the Army may lend, without expense to the United States, magazine rifles and appendages that are not of the existing service models in use at the time and that are not necessary for a proper reserve supply, to any educational institution having a uniformed corps of cadets of sufficient number for target practice. He may also issue 40 rounds of ball cartridges for each cadet for each range at which target practice is held, but not more than 120 rounds each year for each cadet participating in target practice.

(b) The institutions to which property is lent under subsection (a) shall use it for target practice, take proper care of it and return it when required.

(c) The Secretary shall prescribe regulations to carry out this section, containing such other requirements as he considers necessary to safeguard the interests of the United States.

(Aug. 10, 1956, ch. 1041, 70A Stat. 260.)

Historical and Revision Notes
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10:1185 (1st par.).

10:1185 (last par., less 1st 22, and last 19, words).

10:1185 (1st 22, and last 19, words of last par.).

Apr. 27, 1914, ch. 72 (last proviso and last par. under "Manufacture of Arms"), 38 Stat. 370.

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