10 USC 4724 - Executive Director

(a) Appointment and Qualifications.—(1) There shall be an Executive Director of the Army National Military Cemeteries who shall meet such professional qualifications as may be established by the Secretary of the Army.

(2) The Executive Director reports directly to the Secretary.

(b) Responsibilities.—The Executive Director is responsible for the following:

(1) Exercising authority, direction and control over all aspects of the Cemeteries.

(2) Establishing and maintaining full accountability for all gravesites and inurnment niches in the Cemeteries.

(3) Oversight of the construction, operation and maintenance, and repair of the buildings, structures, and utilities of the Cemeteries.

(4) Acquisition and maintenance of real property and interests in real property for the Cemeteries.

(5) Planning and conducting private ceremonies at the Cemeteries, including funeral and memorial services for interment and inurnment, and planning and conducting public ceremonies, as directed by the Secretary of the Army.

(6) Formulating, promulgating, administering, and overseeing policies and addressing proposals for the placement of memorials and monuments in the Cemeteries.

(7) Formulating and implementing a master plan for Arlington National Cemetery that, at a minimum, addresses interment and inurnment capacity, visitor accommodation, operation and maintenance, capital requirements, preservation of the cemetery's special features, and other matters the Executive Director considers appropriate.

(8) Overseeing the programming, planning, budgeting, and execution of funds authorized and appropriated for the Cemeteries.

(9) Providing recommendations regarding any request for an exception to interment and inurnment eligibility policy.

(10) Supervising the superintendents of the Cemeteries.

(Added Pub. L. 112–81, div. A, title V, §591(a)(1), Dec. 31, 2011, 125 Stat. 1440.)

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Last modified: October 26, 2015