US Code Title 10 Chapter 134 Miscellaneous Administrative Provisions

Subchapter I - Miscellaneous Authorities, Prohibitions, and Limitations on the Use of Appropriated Funds

§ 2241 - Availability of Appropriations for Certain Purposes
§ 2241a - Prohibition on Use of Funds for Publicity or Propaganda Purposes Within the United States
§ 2242 - Authority to Use Appropriated Funds for Certain Investigations and Security Services
§ 2243 - Authority to Use Appropriated Funds to Support Student Meal Programs in Overseas Dependents' Schools
§ 2244 - Security Investigations
§ 2244a - Equipment Scheduled for Retirement or Disposal: Limitation on Expenditures for Modifications
§ 2245 - Use of Aircraft for Proficiency Flying: Limitation
§ 2245a - Use of Operation and Maintenance Funds for Purchase of Investment Items: Limitation
§ 2249 - Prohibition on Use of Funds for Documenting Economic or Employment Impact of Certain Acquisition Programs
§ 2249a - Prohibition on Providing Financial Assistance to Terrorist Countries
§ 2249b - Display of State, District of Columbia, Commonwealth, and Territorial Flags by the Armed Forces
§ 2249c - Regional Defense Combating Terrorism Fellowship Program: Authority to Use Appropriated Funds for Costs Associated With Education and Training of Foreign Officials
§ 2249d - Distribution to Certain Foreign Personnel of Education and Training Materials and Information Technology to Enhance Military Interoperability With the Armed Forces

Subchapter II - Miscellaneous Administrative Authority

§ 2251 - Household Furnishings and Other Property: Personnel Outside the United States or in Alaska or Hawaii
§ 2252 - Rewards: Missing Property
§ 2253 - Motor Vehicles
§ 2254 - Treatment of Reports of Aircraft Accident Investigations
§ 2254a - Data Files of Military Flight Operations Quality Assurance Systems: Exemption From Disclosure Under Freedom of Information Act
§ 2255 - Aircraft Accident Investigation Boards: Composition Requirements
§ 2257 - Use of Recruiting Materials for Public Relations
§ 2259 - Transit Pass Program: Personnel in Poor Air Quality Areas
§ 2260 - Licensing of Intellectual Property: Retention of Fees
§ 2261 - Presentation of Recognition Items for Recruitment and Retention Purposes
§ 2262 - Department of Defense Conferences: Collection of Fees to Cover Department of Defense Costs
§ 2263 - United States Contributions to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Common-funded Budgets

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