2 USC 1868 - Semiannual Compilation and Report of Expenditures

(1) Commencing with the semiannual period beginning January 1, 1965 and for each semiannual period thereafter, the Architect of the Capitol shall compile and, not later than sixty days following the close of the semiannual period, submit to the Senate and the House of Representatives a report of all expenditures made from monies appropriated to the Architect of the Capitol, based on payrolls and other vouchers transmitted during such period to the Treasury Department for disbursement, such report to include (1) the name, title, and gross salary payment to each employee; (2) a list of government contributions to retirement, health, insurance, and other similar funds; and (3) name of payee, brief description of service rendered or items furnished under contract, purchase order or other agreement. Such report shall be printed as a Senate document.

(2) The report by the Architect of the Capitol under paragraph (1) for the semiannual period beginning on January 1, 1976, shall include the period beginning on July 1, 1976, and ending on September 30, 1976, and such semiannual period shall be treated as closing on September 30, 1976. Thereafter, the report by the Architect of the Capitol under paragraph (1) shall be for the semiannual periods beginning on October 1 and ending on March 31 and beginning on April 1 and ending on September 30 of each year.

(Pub. L. 88–454, §105(b), Aug. 20, 1964, 78 Stat. 551; Pub. L. 94–303, title I, §118(c), June 1, 1976, 90 Stat. 616.)

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Last modified: October 26, 2015