2 USC 5542 - Regulations for Safe Handling of Mail Matter

(a) In general

Subject to the approval of the Committee on House Administration, the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives shall implement regulations under which the Chief Administrative Officer shall be authorized to handle any mail matter delivered by the United States Postal Service or any other carrier to the House of Representatives, or to any other entity with whom the Chief Administrative Officer has entered into an agreement to receive mail matter delivered to the entity, in such manner as the Chief Administrative Officer deems necessary to ensure the safety of any individuals who may come into contact with, or otherwise be exposed to, such mail matter.

(b) Civil or criminal liability

No action taken under the regulations implemented pursuant to this section may serve as a basis for civil or criminal liability of any individual or entity.

(c) Definition

As used in this section, the term “handle” includes but is not limited to collecting, isolating, testing, opening, disposing, and destroying.

(d) Effective date

This section shall apply with respect to fiscal year 2004 and each succeeding fiscal year.

(Pub. L. 108–447, div. G, title I, §108, Dec. 8, 2004, 118 Stat. 3177.)

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Last modified: October 26, 2015