US Code Title 2 Chapter 51 House of Representatives Leadership

Subchapter I - General

§ 5101 - Employment of Administrative Assistants for Speaker and House Majority and Minority Leaders; Compensation; Appropriations
§ 5102 - Appointment of Consultants by Speaker, Majority Leader, and Minority Leader of House; Compensation
§ 5103 - Single Per Annum Gross Rates of Allowances for Personal Services in Offices of Speaker, Leaders, and Whips
§ 5104 - Authority of Speaker and Minority Leader to Allocate Funds Among Certain House Leadership Offices
§ 5105 - Transfer of Appropriations by House Leadership Offices

Subchapter II - The Speaker

§ 5121 - Expense Allowance of Speaker of House of Representatives
§ 5122 - Personal Services in Office of Speaker; Payments
§ 5123 - Speaker's Office for Legislative Floor Activities
§ 5124 - Lump Sum Allowance for Speaker
§ 5125 - Former Speakers of House of Representatives; Retention of Office, Furniture, Etc., in Congressional District Following Expiration of Term as Representative; Exceptions
§ 5126 - Allowance Available to Former Speaker for Payment of Office and Other Expenses for Administration, Etc., of Matters Pertaining to Incumbency in Office as Representative and Speaker
§ 5127 - Franked Mail and Printing Privileges of Former Speaker
§ 5128 - Staff Assistance to Former Speaker for Administration, Etc., of Matters Pertaining to Incumbency in Office as Representative and Speaker; Compensation and Status of Staff
§ 5129 - Availability of Entitlements of Former Speaker for 5 Years

Subchapter III - Majority and Minority Leaders and Whips

§ 5141 - Additional Employees in Offices of House Minority Leader, Majority Whip, and Chief Deputy Majority Whip; Authorization; Compensation
§ 5142 - Additional Amounts for Personnel and Equipment for House Majority and Minority Leaders and Majority and Minority Whips
§ 5143 - Compensation of Certain House Minority Employees
§ 5144 - Lump-sum Allowances for House Minority Leader and Majority Whip
§ 5145 - Lump-sum Allowances for House Majority Floor Leader, Minority Floor Leader, Majority Whip, and Minority Whip
§ 5146 - Lump-sum Allowances for House Majority Whip and Minority Whip

Subchapter IV - Policy Committees and Conferences

§ 5161 - Training and Program Development Activities of Republican Conference and Democratic Steering and Policy Committee
§ 5162 - Republican Policy Committee

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