20 USC 2374 - Consortium Applications

(a) In general

Each consortium that desires to receive a grant under this subchapter shall submit an application to the eligible agency at such time and in such manner as the eligible agency shall require.

(b) Plan

Each application submitted under this section shall contain a 6-year plan for the development and implementation of tech prep programs under this subchapter, which plan shall be reviewed after the second year of the plan.

(c) Approval

The eligible agency shall approve applications under this subchapter based on the potential of the activities described in the application to create an effective tech prep program.

(d) Special consideration

The eligible agency, as appropriate, shall give special consideration to applications that—

(1) provide for effective employment placement activities or the transfer of students to baccalaureate or advanced degree programs;

(2) are developed in consultation with business, industry, institutions of higher education, and labor organizations;

(3) address effectively the issues of school dropout prevention and reentry, and the needs of special populations;

(4) provide education and training in an area or skill, including an emerging technology, in which there is a significant workforce shortage based on the data provided by the eligible entity in the State under section 2328 of this title;

(5) demonstrate how tech prep programs will help students meet high academic and employability competencies; and

(6) demonstrate success in, or provide assurances of, coordination and integration with eligible recipients described in part C of subchapter I.

(e) Performance levels

(1) In general

Each consortium receiving a grant under this subchapter shall enter into an agreement with the eligible agency to meet a minimum level of performance for each of the performance indicators described in sections 2323(b) and 2373(e) of this title.

(2) Resubmission of application; termination of funds

An eligible agency—

(A) shall require consortia that do not meet the performance levels described in paragraph (1) for 3 consecutive years to resubmit an application to the eligible agency for a tech prep program grant; and

(B) may choose to terminate the funding for the tech prep program for a consortium that does not meet the performance levels described in paragraph (1) for 3 consecutive years, including when the grants are made on the basis of a formula determined by the eligible agency.

(f) Equitable distribution of assistance

In awarding grants under this subchapter, the eligible agency shall ensure an equitable distribution of assistance between or among urban and rural participants in the consortium.

(Pub. L. 88–210, title II, §204, as added Pub. L. 109–270, §1(b), Aug. 12, 2006, 120 Stat. 741.)

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Last modified: October 26, 2015