46 USC 3309 - Certificate of Inspection

(a) When an inspection under section 3307 of this title has been made and a vessel has been found to be in compliance with the requirements of law and regulations, a certificate of inspection, in a form prescribed by the Secretary, shall be issued to the vessel.

(b) The Secretary may issue a temporary certificate of inspection in place of a regular certificate of inspection issued under subsection (a) of this section.

(c) At least 30 days before the current certificate of inspection issued to a vessel under subsection (a) of this section expires, the owner, charterer, managing operator, agent, master, or individual in charge of the vessel shall submit to the Secretary in writing a notice that the vessel—

(1) will be required to be inspected; or

(2) will not be operated so as to require an inspection.

(d) A certificate of inspection issued under this section shall be signed by the senior Coast Guard member or civilian employee who inspected the vessel, in addition to the officer in charge of marine inspection.

(Pub. L. 98–89, Aug. 26, 1983, 97 Stat. 515; Pub. L. 98–498, title II, §211(a), Oct. 19, 1984, 98 Stat. 2303; Pub. L. 104–324, title VI, §606, Oct. 19, 1996, 110 Stat. 3931; Pub. L. 111–281, title V, §522(c), Oct. 15, 2010, 124 Stat. 2957.)

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