Anonymous, 1 Dall. 1 (Pa. 1754)

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

September Term, 1754.

Before William Allen, Chief Justice.
Lawrence Growden and Caleb Cowpland, Justices.


Adjudged by the Court, that the Statute of Frauds and Perjuries † does not extend to this Province, though made before Mr. Penn's Charter: The Governor of New-York having exercised A Jurisdiction here, before the making that Statute, by Virtue of the Word Territories, in the Grant to the Duke of York, of New-York and New-Jersey.

† 29.Car.2.c.3. This statute was supplied, however by an act of General Assembly passed the 12 Geo. 3. 31. 1 State Laws 462. and sec 2 P. Will. 75.

Citation: Anonymous, 1 U.S. 1, 1 Dall. 1 (Pa. 1754)

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