Morris v. Foreman, 1 Dall. 193 (Pa. 1787)

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania:

January Term, 1787

Morris versus Foreman.

It was resolved in this case, upon a motion for a non-suit.—1st. That the Court will allow the Plaintiff in an action upon a Bill of Exchange, to strike out a special, as well as a general, indorsement on the Bill. 2dly. That a protest for non-payment must appear under a notarial seal; but it is not necessary that the non-acceptance should be certified in the protest; for, that may be sufficiently established by other evidence. 3dly. That the possession of a Bill of Exchange is evidence of an authority to demand payment of its contents.

Citation: Morris v. Foreman, 1 Dall. 193, 1 U.S. 193 (Pa. 1787).

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