United States v. Louisiana, 507 U.S. 7 (1993)

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Supplemental Decree


on joint motion for entry of supplemental decree

No. 9, Orig. Decided May 31, 1960, February 26, 1985, and March 1, 1988—Final decree entered December 12, 1960—Supplemental decree entered November 5, 1990—Supplemental decree entered February 22, 1993

Supplemental decree entered.

Opinions reported: 363 U. S. 1, 470 U. S. 93, and 485 U. S. 88; final decree reported: 364 U. S. 502; supplemental decree reported: 498 U. S. 9.

Supplemental Decree

By its decision of February 26, 1985, the Court overruled the exceptions of the United States to the Report of its Special Master insofar as it challenged the Master's determination that the whole of Mississippi Sound constitutes historic inland waters, and, to this extent, adopted the Master's recommendations and confirmed his Report.

On March 1, 1988, the Court resolved the disagreement between the United States and Mississippi as to that portion of the Mississippi coastline at issue in the above-captioned litigation and directed parties to submit to the Special Master a proposed appropriate decree defining the claims of Alabama and Mississippi with respect to Mississippi Sound. On August 17, 1990, the parties agreed on and submitted to the Special Master a proposed decree in accordance with the Court's decision of March 1, 1988, which was approved by the Court on November 5, 1990. Pursuant to that supplemental decree, the baseline (coastline) of the State of Mississippi as well as a portion of the baseline of the State of Alabama was delimited and, by stipulation of the parties, fixed, as described by coordinates in that decree. That portion of the Alabama coastline not described by coordinates in the decree remained ambulatory.


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