Ring v. Arizona, 536 U.S. 584, 7 (2002)

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Opinion of the Court

were then placed on the telephones of Ring, Greenham, and a third suspect, William Ferguson. Id., at 19-21 (Nov. 18, 1996).

In one recorded phone conversation, Ring told Ferguson that Ring might "cu[t] off" Greenham because "[h]e's too much of a risk": Greenham had indiscreetly flaunted a new truck in front of his ex-wife. State's Exh. 49A, pp. 11-12. Ring said he could cut off his associate because he held "both [Greenham's] and mine." Id., at 11. The police engineered a local news broadcast about the robbery investigation; they included in the account several intentional inaccuracies. Tr. 3-5, 13-14 (Nov. 19, 1996). On hearing the broadcast report, Ring left a message on Greenham's answering machine to "remind me to talk to you tomorrow and tell you about what was on the news tonight. Very important, and also fairly good." State's Exh. 55A, p. 2.

After a detective left a note on Greenham's door asking him to call, Tr. 115-118 (Nov. 18, 1996), Ring told Ferguson that he was puzzled by the attention the police trained on Greenham. "[H]is house is clean," Ring said; "[m]ine, on the other hand, contains a very large bag." State's Exh. 70A, p. 7.

On February 14, 1995, police furnished a staged reenactment of the robbery to the local news, and again included deliberate inaccuracies. Tr. 5 (Nov. 19, 1996). Ferguson told Ring that he "laughed" when he saw the broadcast, and Ring called it "humorous." State's Exh. 80A, p. 3. Ferguson said he was "not real worried at all now"; Ring, however, said he was "slightly concern[ed]" about the possibility that the police might eventually ask for hair samples. Id., at 3-4.

Two days later, the police executed a search warrant at Ring's house, discovering a duffel bag in his garage containing more than $271,000 in cash. Tr. 107-108, 111, 125 (Nov. 20, 1996). They also found a note with the number "575, 995" on it, followed by the word "splits" and the letters "F," "Y," and "T." Id., at 127-130. The prosecution asserted

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