Zelman v. Simmons-Harris, 536 U.S. 639, 8 (2002)

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Opinion of the Court

whether public or private, are required to accept students in accordance with rules and procedures established by the state superintendent. 3313.977(A)(1)(a)-(c).

Tuition aid is distributed to parents according to financial need. Families with incomes below 200% of the poverty line are given priority and are eligible to receive 90% of private school tuition up to $2,250. 3313.978(A) and (C)(1). For these lowest income families, participating private schools may not charge a parental copayment greater than $250. 3313.976(A)(8). For all other families, the program pays 75% of tuition costs, up to $1,875, with no copayment cap. 3313.976(A)(8), 3313.978(A). These families receive tuition aid only if the number of available scholarships exceeds the number of low-income children who choose to participate.2 Where tuition aid is spent depends solely upon where parents who receive tuition aid choose to enroll their child. If parents choose a private school, checks are made payable to the parents who then endorse the checks over to the chosen school. 3313.979.

The tutorial aid portion of the program provides tutorial assistance through grants to any student in a covered district who chooses to remain in public school. Parents arrange for registered tutors to provide assistance to their children and then submit bills for those services to the State for payment. 3313.976(D), 3313.979(C). Students from low-income families receive 90% of the amount charged for such assistance up to $360. All other students receive 75% of that amount. 3313.978(B). The number of tutorial assistance grants offered to students in a covered district must equal the number of tuition aid scholarships provided to stuet al. 30, n. 11 (suburban schools would receive "on average, approximately, $4,750" per program student); Brief for Petitioners in No. 00-1779, p. 39 (suburban schools would receive "about $6,544" per program student).

2 The number of available scholarships per covered district is determined annually by the Ohio Superintendent for Public Instruction. 3313.978(A)-(B).

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