Kansas v. Nebraska, 538 U.S. 720 (2003)

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on bill of complaint

No. 126, Orig. Decree entered May 19, 2003

The Final Report of the Special Master is received and ordered filed.


This cause, having come to be heard on the Second Report of the Special Master appointed by this Court, and on the Parties' Joint Motion for Approval of Final Settlement Stipulation, which accompanies said Report, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT:

1. The Final Settlement Stipulation executed by all of the parties to this case and filed with the Special Master on December 16, 2002, is approved;

2. This action is recommitted to the Special Master for the sole purpose of deciding procedural questions arising in the completion by the state parties of the RRCA Groundwater Model pursuant to the binding procedures prescribed by the Final Settlement Stipulation. All claims, counterclaims, and cross-claims for which leave to file was or could have been sought in this case arising prior to December 15, 2002, are hereby dismissed with prejudice effective upon the filing by the Special Master of a final report certifying adoption of the RRCA Groundwater Model by the state parties.

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