Code of Virginia - Title 2.2 Administration Of Government - Section 2.2-2686 (Effective until July 1, 2013) Duties of the Council

§ 2.2-2686. (Effective until July 1, 2013) Duties of the Council

A. The Council shall have the following duties:

1. Recommend a timetable for phasing in and establishing guiding principles for the Roadmap;

2. Recommend long-term objectives for the Commonwealth and monitor and advise the Governor and the General Assembly regarding the progress toward the objectives;

3. Provide advice on the implementation of the performance-management system across state government;

4. Disseminate information to the public on the Commonwealth's performance-management system;

5. Recommend a systematic process for the periodic evaluation of the Roadmap and adherence to the long-term goals and recommend improvements to the Governor and the General Assembly. The periodic evaluation process shall provide for enhanced opportunities for public participation and input;

6. Beginning November 1, 2004, develop and submit annually to the General Assembly and the Governor and publish to the public a balanced accountability scorecard containing an assessment of (i) current service performance, (ii) productivity improvement, and (iii) progress against long-term objectives. The balanced scorecard shall also contain other evaluative recommendations that will enhance the provision of state services and suggested measures to evaluate progress against long-term objectives; and

7. Solicit public input on appropriate aspects of the Roadmap as determined by the Council.

B. By January 1, 2004, the Council shall recommend to the Governor and the General Assembly legislation defining the vision, long-term objectives, and appropriate performance measures for state government. The Council shall review the long-term objectives for state government every two years.

(2003, c. 900.)

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