Code of Virginia - Title 2.2 Administration Of Government - Section 2.2-518 Division of Debt Collection

§ 2.2-518. Division of Debt Collection

There is created in the Department of Law a Division of Debt Collection that shall provide all legal services and advice related to the collection of funds owed to the Commonwealth, pursuant to § 2.2-507 and the Virginia Debt Collection Act (§ 2.2-4800 et seq.).

The Attorney General may appoint and fix the salaries of such attorneys and employees as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Division, within the amounts appropriated to the Division, and may supplement such funds from appropriations made to his office for the provision of legal services to the Commonwealth.

The Division may retain as special revenue up to 30 percent of receivables collected on behalf of state agencies and may contract with private collection agents for the collection of debts amounting to less than $15,000, as provided in the appropriation act.

(1990, c. 71, § 2.1-133.4; 2001, c. 844; 2004, c. 919.)

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Last modified: April 16, 2009