Code of Virginia - Title 2.2 Administration Of Government - Section 2.2-5510 (Expires July 1, 2013) Strategic plan

§ 2.2-5510. (Expires July 1, 2013) Strategic plan

A. Each agency shall develop and maintain a strategic plan for its operations. The plan shall include:

1. A statement of the mission, goals, strategies, and performance measures of the agency that are linked into the performance management system directed by long-term objectives;

2. Identification of priority and other service populations under current law and how those populations are expected to change within the time period of the plan;

3. An analysis of any likely or expected changes in the services provided by the agency; and

4. An analysis of the impact that the aging of the population will have on its ability to deliver services and a description of how the agency is responding to these changes. Each agency shall report by November 15 of each year to the Department for the Aging its progress in addressing the impact of the aging of the population, according to guidance established by the Secretary of Health and Human Resources. Based upon information received, the Department for the Aging shall prepare a report summarizing the progress made by the agencies and submit such report to the Governor and the General Assembly by June 30 of the following year.

B. Strategic plans shall also include the following information:

1. Input, output, and outcome measures for the agency;

2. A description of the use of current agency resources in meeting current needs and expected future needs, and additional resources that may be necessary to meet future needs; and

3. A description of the activities of the agency that have received either a lesser priority or have been eliminated from the agency's mission or work plan over the previous year because of changing needs, conditions, focus, or mission.

C. The strategic plan shall cover a period of at least two years forward from the fiscal year in which it is submitted and shall be reviewed by the agency annually.

D. Each agency shall post its strategic plan on the Internet.

(2003, c. 900; 2006, c. 54; 2007, c. 507.)

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