Code of Virginia - Title 3.1 Agriculture, Horticulture And Food - Section 3.1-943 (Repealed effective October 1, 2008) How certain commodities to be sold

§ 3.1-943. (Repealed effective October 1, 2008) How certain commodities to be sold

Commodities in liquid form shall be sold only by liquid measure or by weight, and, except as otherwise provided in this chapter, commodities not in liquid form shall be sold by weight, by measure of length or area, or by count. Liquid commodities may be sold by weight, and commodities not in liquid form may be sold by count, only if such methods give accurate information as to the quantity of commodity sold; however, the provisions of this section shall not apply to (i) commodities when sold for immediate consumption on the premises where sold, (ii) vegetables when sold by the head or bunch, (iii) commodities in containers standardized by law, (iv) commodities in package form when there exists a general consumer usage to express the quantity in some other manner, (v) concrete aggregates, concrete mixtures, and loose solid materials, including, but not limited to, earth, soil, gravel and crushed stone, when sold by cubic measure, (vi) unprocessed vegetable and animal fertilizer when sold by cubic measure, or (vii) peanuts in large multiple bag lots being sold by cleaners or shellers to processors for further processing or repacking. The articles in clauses (i) through (vii) may be sold on a gross weight basis if agreed upon in writing by the mutual consent of the buyer and seller.

The Uniform Regulation for the Method of Sale of Commodities as adopted by the National Conference on Weights and Measures and published in National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 130, "Uniform Laws and Regulations," and supplements thereto or revisions thereof, shall apply to the method of sale of commodities in the Commonwealth, except insofar as modified, amended, or rejected by rule or regulation issued by the Board.

(Code 1950, §§ 3-708.25, 59-73; 1962, c. 298; 1966, c. 702; 1993, c. 604.)

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