Code of Virginia - Title 10.1 Conservation - Section 10.1-541 Preventive and control measures

§ 10.1-541. Preventive and control measures

Districts are authorized to carry out preventive and control measures and works of improvement for flood prevention or agricultural and nonagricultural phases of the conservation, development, utilization, and disposal of water within the district including, but not limited to, engineering operations, methods of cultivation, the growing of vegetation and changes in use of land on lands owned or controlled by the Commonwealth or any of its agencies, with the consent and cooperation of the agency administering and having jurisdiction thereof, and on any other lands within the district upon obtaining the consent of the owner and occupier of such lands or the necessary rights or interests in such lands.

(Code 1950, § 21-56; 1956, c. 654; 1970, c. 480; 1988, c. 891.)

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Last modified: April 2, 2009