Code of Virginia - Title 10.1 Conservation - Section 10.1-555 Referendum

§ 10.1-555. Referendum

Within sixty days after a termination petition has been received by the Board it shall give due notice of the holding of a referendum and shall supervise the referendum, and issue appropriate regulations governing the conduct thereof. The ballot shall contain the following question: "Shall the existence of the (name of the soil and water conservation district) be terminated?

_ Yes

_ No"

All registered voters residing within the boundaries of the district shall be eligible to vote in the referendum. No informalities in the conduct of the referendum or in any related matters shall invalidate the referendum or the result if proper notice has been given and if the referendum has been fairly conducted.

(Code 1950, § 21-108; 1964, c. 512; 1988, c. 891.)

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Last modified: April 2, 2009