Code of Virginia - Title 10.1 Conservation - Section 10.1-559.9 (Repealed effective October 1, 2008) Guidelines to be published by Commissioner; report

§ 10.1-559.9. (Repealed effective October 1, 2008) Guidelines to be published by Commissioner; report

A. In consultation with the districts, the Department and interested persons, the Commissioner shall develop guidelines for the implementation of this article. These guidelines shall address, among other things, the conduct of investigations, sources of assistance for owners and operators, and intergovernmental cooperation. Within ninety days of the effective date of this section, the Commissioner shall submit the proposed guidelines to the Registrar of Regulations for publication in the Virginia Register of Regulations. At least thirty days shall be provided for public comment after the publication of the proposed guidelines. After the close of the public comment period, the Commissioner shall consider the comments that he has received and may incorporate any changes into the guidelines that he deems appropriate. He shall develop a written summary and analysis of the comments, which shall be made available to the public upon request. Thereafter, the Commissioner shall submit final guidelines for publication in the Register. The guidelines shall become effective on April 1, 1997. The Commissioner may alter the guidelines periodically after his proposed changes have been published in the Register and a public comment period has been provided.

B. The Commissioner shall compile a report by August 31 annually listing the number of complaints received, the nature of each complaint, the actions taken in resolution of each complaint, and any penalties which may have been assessed. The Commissioner shall have the discretion to exclude and keep confidential specific information regarding ongoing investigations. The Commissioner shall (i) provide the report to the Board, the Department and to every district, (ii) publish notice in the Virginia Register that the report is available, and (iii) make the report available to the public upon request.

(1996, c. 773.)

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