Code of Virginia - Title 15.2 Counties, Cities And Towns - Section 15.2-1310 Assignment of weights for functional activities

§ 15.2-1310. Assignment of weights for functional activities

In determining the eligibility of the region, the Department of Housing and Community Development may assign weights for each joint activity up to the number in parentheses below:

1. Job Creation or Economic Development (10)

2. Regional Revenue Sharing or Growth Sharing Agreements (10)

3. Education (10)

4. Human Services (8)

5. Local Land Use (8)

6. Housing (8)

7. Transportation (5)

8. Law Enforcement (5)

9. Solid Waste (4)

10. Water and Sewer Services (4)

11. Corrections (3)

12. Fire Services and Emergency Medical Services (3)

13. Libraries (2)

14. Parks and Recreation (2)

The assignment of values by the Department to any joint activity may be based upon the significance of the joint activity as measured by the fiscal resources committed to it, the number of regional localities participating, the significance of the activity as measured by the regional effort involved in developing joint activities, the complexity of the activity, the general impact on relations between the affected jurisdictions, or other factors deemed to be appropriate by the Department. A region may petition the Department to adjust the weights of the above criteria to reflect the relative importance of that criteria on the economic competitiveness of the region. Upon receipt of such petition, the Department may adjust the weight of any criteria; however, the weight of any one criteria shall not exceed ten. In addition to the weights listed in § 15.2-1310, the Department of Housing and Community Development may add up to a total of five points for regions that have taken successful actions to make governmental services or functions more efficient or successful actions in reducing the local property tax burden throughout the region.

(1996, cc. 1045, 1055, § 15.1-1227.5; 1997, c. 587.)

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