Code of Virginia - Title 15.2 Counties, Cities And Towns - Section 15.2-6402 Procedure for creation of authorities

§ 15.2-6402. Procedure for creation of authorities

The governing bodies of any three or more localities within the region, provided that two or more of the localities are cities or counties or a combination thereof, may, in conformance with the procedure set forth herein, create a regional industrial facility authority by adopting ordinances proposing to create an authority which shall (i) set forth the name of the proposed regional industrial facility authority (which shall include the words "industrial facility authority"); (ii) name the member localities; (iii) contain findings that the economic growth and development of the locality and the comfort, convenience and welfare of its citizens require the development of facilities and that joint action through a regional industrial facility authority by the localities which are to be members of the proposed authority will facilitate the development of the needed facilities; and (iv) authorize the execution of an agreement establishing the respective rights and obligations of the member localities with respect to the authority consistent with the provisions of this chapter. However, with regard to Planning Districts 2, 3, 10, 11 and 12, the governing bodies of any two or more localities within the region, provided that one or more of the localities is a city or county, may adopt such an ordinance. Such ordinances shall be filed with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Upon certification by the Secretary of the Commonwealth that the ordinances required by this chapter have been filed and, upon the basis of the facts set forth therein, satisfy such requirements, the proposed authority shall be and constitute an authority for all of the purposes of this chapter, to be known and designated by the name stated in the ordinances. Upon the issuance of such certificate, the authority shall be deemed to have been lawfully and properly created and established and authorized to exercise its powers under this chapter. Each authority created pursuant to this chapter is hereby created as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth. At any time subsequent to the creation of an authority under this chapter, the membership of the authority may, with the approval of the authority's board, be expanded to include any locality within the region that would have been eligible to be an initial member of the authority. The governing body of a locality seeking to become a member of an existing authority shall evidence its intent to become a member by adopting an ordinance proposing to join the authority that conforms, to the extent applicable, to the requirements for an ordinance set forth in clauses (i), (iii), and (iv) of this section.

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