Code of Virginia - Title 29.1 Game, Inland Fisheries And Boating - Section 29.1-573 Department; powers

§ 29.1-573. Department; powers

A. The Department may conduct operations and measures to suppress, control, eradicate, prevent, or retard the spread of any nonindigenous aquatic nuisance species. The maximum effort shall be made to utilize the best available scientific technology that is specific to the targeted nonindigenous aquatic nuisance species, environmentally sound, practical, and cost effective.

B. Such operations and measures shall be conducted subject to the appropriation of general funds authorized for the purpose of suppressing, controlling, eradicating, preventing, or retarding the spread of any nonindigenous aquatic nuisance species, or the receipt of funds designated for this purpose from private entities, local governments, political subdivisions, or federal grants. If such funds are not available to carry out the purposes of this chapter, then the Secretary of Natural Resources shall seek and accept all possible funds from other sources, including federal, state, local, and private grants, loans, and donations.

C. In carrying out its powers, the Department may cooperate with any federal agencies, any agency of an adjacent state, any other state agencies, local governments, political subdivisions, and authorities within the Commonwealth. Other state agencies shall cooperate and provide assistance as requested by the Director in carrying out the purposes of this article.

(2003, c. 446; 2004, c. 467.)

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Last modified: April 3, 2009